Committed to Health and Safety

We are committed to the health and safety of our employees, our clients and our environment. For generations, Home Paramount Pest Control has taken the initiative to research, implement and monitor new pest control technologies and materials to improve the health and safety of all the communities we serve. Our personnel are specifically trained to make responsible decisions regarding safety and to recommend non-chemical solutions when possible. At the same time, we recognize that pests continue to pose real health and safety risks to our clients and we do our part to manage these pests responsibly.

Our Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is part of our philosophy of environmental sustainability. This multi-faceted approach to pest management recognizes that more than just treatment is necessary to manage pests in our home or work environment. IPM has three main components:

  • Communication. This is a key component of our environmental initiative. We make available Material Safety Data Sheets and Customer Pesticide Information Sheets to ensure our customers have full information about the products used. We educate ourselves and our customers about preventable measures, treatment processes and pest behavior.
  • Preventive Control. By limiting access to shelter, food and water you can prevent or control much pest activity.
  • Responsible Treatment. Our professional selection of materials and design of treatment protocols ensure that our treatments are effective and responsible.

Our Guarantee

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Green Program

We've spent 80 years helping homeowners by practicing responsible pest control.

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