Bed Bugs are a Small Pest Making a Big Comeback

Are you noticing itchy, red bumps after a night in bed? You may have bed bugs. Bed Bugs feed on the blood of humans and animals. These tiny pests feed mostly at night and live in cracks and crevices, making identification sometimes difficult.

Bed bugs travel well. They can be transported on clothes, luggage, personal items or even furniture. Bed bugs glue their eggs to surfaces which allow them to spread easily.

At first you may notice bed bugs around your bed. Once an infestation worsens, you may notice them spreading to your bed frames, baseboards, door casings, wallpaper and furniture.

Our Service

Home Paramount has extensive experience with bed bugs. Our service begins with a thorough inspection. We then recommend a treatment program that may include steam treatment, encasement materials and a pesticide application. We now offer Bed Bug Mattress covers in King, Queen, Full and Twin, and Bed Bug Monitors. Our treatments are designed to meet the needs of your home or business and give you back your peace of mind.