They Hide. We seek. At Home Paramount, we know why and how pests operate. That's why we are so effective in ridding pests from homes. We're dedicated to a total pest management program that targets all facets of the problem to give you peace of mind. That's why we offer moisture control services.

A basic requirement for effective pest management.

Your home may house an unseen, ideal environment for fungus, pests and termites which thrive in moist, warm conditions. Most homes have at least one area of excessive moisture and it's usually out of sight. Small leaks, condensation, and periodic flooding can go unnoticed but are a very attractive environment for pests.

Home Paramount can identify these areas and change the environment that draws pests into your home.

You can't have a healthy house with a sick crawl space.

Many homes have full or partial crawl spaces that are havens for fungus, pests and termites. Just a few feet below an immaculate living room, a crawl space may be an overly moist, under ventilated area that reduces the effectiveness of your heating and cooling systems and offers a prime living space for pests.

While it is natural that most homeowners are reluctant to venture into these small, dark places, Home Paramount personnel are trained to conduct thorough home inspections. That's especially true in these understructures. We have the proper equipment to conduct a complete pest inspection and we often find puddles of water, mold, mildew, and deteriorated insulation. Home Paramount can quickly and economically correct any deficiencies and eliminate the pest problem.

Does your house have a moisture problem?

We can give you a fast and free answer to your moisture control issues. Call 1-888-888-HOME today or complete our Free Inspection Request form to schedule your Home Paramount inspection. It's the best step you can take to protect your home.

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