Your lawn is under stress in Florida's hot and humid climate, making it vulnerable to invasion from disease, insects and weeds. Professional maintenance provides your lawn with the help it needs to stay green and vibrant. A year-round approach is important for lawn care to be truly successful. Each season brings different opportunities to enhance a lawn's natural ability to thrive.

Lawn Analysis

Each Florida lawn is unique. Our lawn analysis begins with the type of turf grass you have planted. Common varieties in Florida include St. Augustine, Bahiagrass and Zoysia. St. Augustine is most commonly found in Florida's urban and coastal areas and has a dense, green appearance. Turf grasses vary in their ability to withstand stress and managing a few factors will help to keep your lawn beautiful.

Control 1. Mowing

Mowing is the most common turf grass maintenance practice and probably the most important. Thought it may seem to be a commonplace chore, it can be the most damaging factor to a lawn when done improperly. Mowing height is a critical factor in the health of a lawn. Avoid scalping the lawn - cutting it too short - which stresses the lawn and invites weeds, pests and disease. Never remove more than 1/3 of the blade of grass and make sure your mower is sharp for a clean cut.

Control 2. Proper Irrigation and Fertilization

A good irrigation system avoids the problems associated with both overwatering and under watering. Overwatering contributes to disease while under watering deprives the grass of the sustenance it needs to survive the Florida heat. Similarly, fertilizers can help your lawn thrive if done in the proper sequence and amount.
Learn more about fertilization.

Control 3. Shade Tolerance

Many Florida turf grasses are developed to withstand full sun and don't do well under shady conditions. Be careful of this as you design your landscape, taking care to keep the grass away from too much shade.

Control 4. Problem Spotting

Pests and disease can cause considerable damage to a lawn. Early detection and a quick response improves your chances of recovery. 

  Bahiagrass Zoysia St. Augustine
Mowing Height 3-4 inches 2-2.5 inches 2.5-4 inches
Drought Tolerance Excellent Good Poor
Shade Tolerance Poor Poor Poor