Termite Control is a wise investment for anyone who wants to protect their structures from these hidden invaders. At Home Paramount, we know termites present a serious risk to structures and we have been working since 1939 to protect against these economic pests.

At Home Paramount, we carefully select our termite control technologies based on uncompromising standards of efficacy and safety.

  • We cultivate longstanding relationships with our customers based on quality and satisfaction.
  • We combine professional skill and customer care to deliver high-value, responsive service.
  • We offer a highly trained termite team that is dependable and results-oriented.

Treatment Options

Home Paramount offers two proven termite control options to protect your investment from marauding termites.

Termite bait system

This state-of-the-art termite bait system is installed around the perimeter of the structure to achieve colony elimination.

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Soil Treatment

Home Paramount installs a termiticide barrier around the structure to create a protected zone of defense against subterranean termites using a state-of-the-art non-repellant termiticide.

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