Bed Bug Fumigation Treatments

Fumigation is a final stop for bed bugs infesting your mattresses, books, and other commodities. For preventive and curative purposes, fumigation gives you peace of mind that the materials have been treated with an effective method used to combat the most destructive of pests. Home Paramount typically uses bed bug fumigation treatments when total bed bug control is required.

Products, such as furniture, are placed in a container for treatment and a fumigant is applied by our trained staff. Fumigation is a non-residual pesticide treatment, which means that it eradicates a current infestation but no pesticide remains to address future infestations.

Home Paramount is happy to provide you with a complimentary estimate for bed bug fumigation. Factors involved in the estimate include the severity of the infestation and amount of materials to be fumigated.

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Available in all states that we operate in, Home Paramount's commercial fumigation bed bug treatments are suitable for:

  • Dorm mattresses and furniture
  • Library books and materials
  • Patient beds and furniture
  • Upholstered items
  • Paintings

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