That Stings: Hornet Behavior

As we said earlier, these insects are generally considered pests because they usually, albeit aggressively, guard their nests and may sting when provoked. Hornet stings are more severe than bee stings due to the amount of venom produced and their barbless stinger allows them to sting you several times over. Despite their aggression, hornets are important to the ecosystem in reducing pest insect numbers, predating or parasitizing pests such as caterpillars that may feed on garden or ornamental plants. A hornet nest is constructed out of wood pulp, formed through a mixture of wood shavings and saliva. Some above-ground nesting wasps such as bald-faced hornets construct their nests in trees and bushes. Other hornets may construct their nests in attics, hollow trees, and other dark cavities, and care should be taken when investigating a hornet problem.
Nothing stings more than an aggressive, uninvited guest. If hornet problems have your head buzzing, be sure to call your local Home Paramount branch for a free inspection. We’ll work with you to find a treatment plan that works best with your location.