Sweater Weather Pest

It’s finally sweater weather - time to dig into the closet and pull out our warm woolens to keep away the chill. But what happens when you find holes in your favorite coat or sweater?  You may have a carpet beetle infestation. 

Carpet beetles are a pretty common pest, so you’re not alone. Signs of an infestation may include holes in your clothes or carpets, adult beetles on the windowsill or larval skins around your home. Adult beetles are between 2 to 5 mm long, oval and dark brown or black in color. 

Besides putting holes in your clothes, some people experience allergic reactions to carpet beetles. These skins, shed when molting, can cause dermatitis, an allergic skin reaction. The good news is that they don’t bite or sting, and the rash is simply from contact. Some people complain of a pulmonary reaction, too, which is a response to the larvae’s hairs. 

There are always things that you can do to avoid an infestation:
  • Housekeeping helps.  Regularly vacuum carpets and clean upholstered furniture. It’s also a good idea to keep the pantry tidy.
  • Containers work.  Store rarely used clothing, especially wool sweaters, in pest proof containers. 
  • Watch out.  Carpet beetles can enter your house on plants or flowers so give them a good inspection before you bring them inside. 
If you suspect you have an infestation, call us for a proper identification. Professional service is always a good idea when you’re tackling an unfamiliar pest. Home Paramount will inspect your home to find the primary source of the infestation and then provide a professional service to eliminate the problem.