Spring Fling: Termites in Carolina

There are hints that termites are colonizing your yard, but they can be hard to catch and easy to miss. They include spring swarms – winged reproductive appearing briefly to mate and reproduce. Dropped wings or the pests in flight constitute a swarm. A lot of people confuse ant swarmers and termite swarmers – they are very similar.

Another sign of termites in your Charlotte home include mud tubes. These dirt tunnels allow our subterranean foes to move from the ground into your home. You may notice them forming along the foundation or in your basement. These are definitely alarm bells for an active infestation and require Home Paramount’s help. Best to install a perimeter barrier around your home if you have mud tubes, to combat termites.

Termite damage is an unpleasant reminder that termite work is generally undetectable by the human eye, as they maraud from underground colonies, through ingenious tunnels, and into wood hidden behind drywall. Homeowners often find termite damage in the course of renovations, and this is an indication of a past or present infestation. Either way, it’s best to take action to stall the invasion or prevent a subsequent problem.

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