Spring Cleaning

An important part of Integrated Pest Management is eliminating conducive conditions that may lead to an infestation or encourage an existing problem. In a residential home, we encourage seasonal cleaning efforts, particularly in the spring and fall to evade invaders.

In a commercial setting, we encourage routine cleaning and maintenance to ensure the judicious application of pesticides as a support mechanism for pest suppression. Important components of a commercial cleaning regimen include sealing all openings along exterior walls and doors, ensuring good use habits such as closing doors and siting dumpsters away from buildings, and regular interior cleaning of all areas.

Our sensitive commercial clients, particularly in hospitals and food processing, take this IPM partnership very seriously, and we commend them for their diligence and cooperation. It makes things much easier for everyone when the total picture is considered, including environmental and structural conditions that might contribute to an infestation. 

We approach pest control as a partnership with our commercial clients and appreciate working together towards a clean, comfortable, pest-free environment.