Rodent Exclusion

Autumn is in the air, bringing falling leaves and cooler weather. Unfortunately, the heat from your home can invite unwanted guests seeking refuge and a meal from the cooling outdoors: rodents.

At Home Paramount, we follow an integrated pest management (IPM) program to ensure a successful fall service. The beginning of our autumnal program usually calls for exclusion methods, keeping out those pesky pests. So, follow along and learn how you can stop rodents from invading your home!
  • Take some time to look around your house. Mice and rats tend to be small and can easily squeeze their body through an opening the size of their head. This means any hole the size of your pinky can fit a mouse, any hole the size of your thumb can fit a rat, and anything larger can fit both. Holes smaller can always be widened by the rodent, their large, gnawing teeth can easily make a small hole into a big problem.
    • Some favorite rodent access points include under doors, through windows, from plumbing drains, or through electrical access points. Be sure to check anywhere else that seems like it’s not sealed all the way!
  • With the potential access points discovered, exclusion is up next. Seal up any holes, put mesh over gutters, repair weather strips on doors, and do what you need to make sure the next rodent cannot get inside. Outdoor garbage can be a potential food source, be sure to keep it in tightly locked containers, away from your home.
  • Now for the finale: maintaining your efforts. Exclusion is only effective if it is kept in check and repaired as needed. Be sure to take the time in the warmer months to check up on your work and see if new mesh or sealant is needed.
Rodent exclusion is a homeowner’s best line of defense against developing a rodent issue. If you find yourself in constant combat with rodents and need a hand, our trained technicians and inspectors at Home Paramount are more than happy to work with you to help solve your rodent problem and set you on the path to a happy, rodent-free winter. Give us a call today for a free inspection!