Rodent Control Tips For Landlords

Are your rental properties ready for rodent season?  At Home Paramount, we work with landlords and property managers to help properties get through the fall pressure season pest-free. 
The first thing to realize is that most pests would prefer to spend winter inside, with your tenants.  While some animals migrate south, most – especially rodents - will seek shelter for the season.  Mice only need the space the size of a dime to get into a house and rats can enter a structure through a hole the size of a quarter.  Once they’re inside, their populations can quickly get out of control.  Both mice and rats breed year-round, with mice producing about 50 offspring each and rats producing about 20 young every year.  That’s a lot to handle.
If your tenants notice signs of rodents inside their units, it’s important to notify Home Paramount immediately.  Do-it-yourself control methods may result in more serious problems when rodents expire inside the unit and behind walls.  Secondary infestations, smells and other livability issues may be the result, causing further damage to your investment property. 
We take a common-sense approach to rodent control and suggest that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure when it comes to mice and rats.
A Home Paramount professional will begin on the exterior, identifying areas of concern and implementing prevention strategies.  Home Paramount can identify and treat rat burrows, place rodent stations, suggest exclusion methods and apply pesticides when necessary to prevent rodent problems. 

Once inside, droppings, nests and holes in walls are signs that we have some tiny tenants to evict. We usually find this evidence in attics, crawl spaces and basements, where there is not a lot of human activity. Some rodents, however, invade kitchens and are found inside dried food bags and boxes.

If you find evidence at one site in your building or apartment, you probably have more elsewhere. Any indication of an infestation should be the signal for a whole building inspection. Call Home Paramount today and we will provide the solution to your pest problems.