Pest Pals

There is nothing that makes our heart go pitter patter quite like the Valentine’s “Love Bug” talk – who doesn’t want a bite from that friendly fellow?  And in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, it inspires us to temporarily abandon our “We don’t like bugs either” position and spread a little love with a shout out to our favorite pest pals:

Honeybees: These small wonders bring us honey and pollinate countless crops including almonds, peaches and cucumbers. Sweet!

Dragonflies: This noble insect is a natural predator against mosquitoes. As if that weren’t enough, take the time to examine these lovelies up close.  Iridescent wonders.

Lightning Bugs/Fireflies: Regardless of what you call them, these beauties light up a summer’s night, beckoning new mates with their soft glow.  Light without heat is a marvel.