Myth or Fact: Cockroaches and Asthma

         Perhaps you’ve heard rumors that cockroaches can cause asthma or other respiratory issues, but just how true are those claims? Studies have been conducted by medical experts, respiratory scientists, and entomologists to learn about the association between cockroaches and breathing, and it turns out there is some truth to the rumors. Aside from being unpleasant pests, cockroaches produce substances, or allergens, that can affect those who are sensitive. These allergens could potentially cause asthma to develop in young children, but more commonly the reactions can often trigger asthma or allergies when the substances are inhaled.

         But where do these substances come from? The substances are most likely concentrated in the cockroach’s fecal matter, becoming airborne during activities such as vacuuming or dusting. Often these particles will settle on pillows and bedding, getting trapped in the fabrics. This means that once a cockroach infestation has cleared, reactions can still occur if cleanliness is not maintained. One in five homes with no cockroach history can still have allergens trapped in dust and fabrics.

         How do I protect myself and my family from having a reaction? The first step is to keep your home clean, especially by removing food scraps from under large appliances. Reducing the humidity will also help reduce the growth of cockroaches. Cleaning fabrics weekly with warm water and removing unnecessary fabric décor and carpeting can reduce the chance of allergens getting trapped. The final step is to eliminate the infestation, and your local Home Paramount is more than ready to help! Our technicians are more than happy to work with you to provide the professional service you need to keep your home safe and healthy; give us a call today for a free inspection! If you would like to learn more about how cockroaches can affect your health, be sure to visit the American Lung Association for additional information.