Mosquito Fish

As we see it, summer has finally arrived and many of start to once again think about fishing – unless we’re lucky enough to live in Florida in which case we’ve never stopped thinking about it. While we’re on the topic of fishing, you may not be aware that mosquitoes have one very natural predator – fish! These very pleasant control organisms can be stocked in backyard ponds, horse troughs and larger mosquito larva habitats to reduce the number of adults mosquitoes that hatch and become a real nuisance. 

​Gambusia affinis is a commonly used “mosquito fish”. These fish devour mosquito larvae as soon as they hatch from the egg. They are known for their tolerance of various water habitats, including those that contain significant concentrations of organic matter such as weeds and water plants. You could include them in your koi pond or add them to your cow trough. A useful ally in the fight against biting mosquitoes.

There are various breeder sources providing these useful fish. Check local sources or the internet to learn more about mosquito fish including Gambusias and sticklebacks.