Keeping Your Stored Holiday Decorations Pest Free

       The winter holiday season is coming to a close, which means it’s time for all those decorations to come down and be stowed away until next year. While it’s important to be cautious about handling your cherished ornaments, it’s equally important to take some extra measures to avoid any unwanted tenants making a home out of your storage boxes. Follow these easy tips and your decorations are bound to be pest-free.
  • Inspect. It may seem obvious, but do a quick inspection before boxing up your stored items. Look for active pests, as well as evidence, such as webs, gnaw marks, or droppings, and any crumbs, other food items, or food stains. Be especially thorough with any outdoor decorations that you plan to store inside, looking closely at lights or decorations that may have potential harborage points.
  • Clean. Whether handling any plastic, metal, or hard decorations, spend a few minutes to wipe everything down with alcohol wipes or soap and water to remove food sources and bacteria that may be attractive to pests. Washing and drying any fabric décor can stop live pests and remove food sources.
  • Store. Be sure to use plastic containers as cardboard boxes can invite moths, silverfish, mice and other pests. Plastic containers should seal completely to reduce the chance of a pest getting inside. If using previously used bins, take the time to inspect and clean them out as well before placing your items inside.
  • Location. Finally, consider the location you are storing your decorations. The area is likely not frequented very often, such as a basement or attic, which can make it a great harborage place for pests. Keeping those areas clean and tidy will prevent pests. Be sure to keep an eye out for moisture issues that may arise as well. Not only can moisture directly damage your possessions, but it will also attract pests. Now is the perfect time to look out for those issues while boxes are being moved around.
       Of course, pests can still find their way into decorations and find themselves comfortable among a box of snowflake coasters. Having a regular pest control service can ensure that your decorations are safe until next season, and our certified technicians here at Home Paramount are professionals at finding and fixing any pest and moisture issues that may be around your home. So, give us a call today and schedule your free home inspection now!