Jacket Weather

If the weather is cooling where you live, you may have noticed a surge in the stinging insects buzzing around outside. Worker wasps are finishing up a long, hard summer tending to numerous broods of metamorphosing new wasps. These super-industrious female workers feed and protect the newest members of the Vespidae Family, including hornets, paper wasps and yellow jackets.

Wasps spend their summer days collecting food, tending the brood, reinforcing the nest and defending the colony. It’s hard work for the workers who maintain a well-ordered nest and feed a hungry brood undergoing complete metamorphosis. The work is all-consuming and the nest generally works cooperatively and diligently together to develop as many broods as possible.     

Once cold weather approaches, though, wasps prepare to abandon their nests and any larvae that happen to still be inside. And so, in late summer and early autumn, these narrow-waisted insects set off to enjoy the fruits of autumn – sugar-laden trash cans, blooming flowers, fruiting orchards and the sweet remnants of your Sunday afternoon barbecue. It’s the last hurrah for the workers and drones, who will not survive the winter.

Wasps are aggressive defenders of their nests and haven’t abandoned them yet, so call Home Paramount to handle stinging insects in your yard. Our technicians are trained and equipped to handle wasps so that you can enjoy the warm weather while it lasts!