Happy Fourth of July!

Home Paramount’s company colors are red, white and blue so it’s no surprise that the Fourth of July is a favorite holiday. We are proud to remain a family-owned and operated and a true “American” company, based in the USA. What does this mean to our clients? Just as we celebrate America’s Independence each year on the 4th of July, every day at Home Paramount we celebrate the fact that we are independently owned and operated. Our decisions are made with an understanding of our client’s needs and interests and with the knowledge that we will feel the impact of every decision. These close links to our community keep us committed to our work. 

What does this mean for our employees? The American experience has always been about hard work, opportunity and fresh starts. The American Dream is alive and well at Home Paramount. There are ample opportunities to grow your career and dream big. Whether you’re a technician who wants to be in the IT Department or a Call Center Representative who wants to move into management, we encourage people to follow their paths and grow with us.

We take pride in the fact that a small Baltimore start-up has grown into one of the largest pest management firms in the nation and are so grateful to our clients for helping us achieve our own American Dream. We wish you and your families had a wonderful time celebrating this meaningful holiday together. Thank you for supporting us over the last 78 years!