Got Swarmers?

Starting to see flying insects in and around your home? They may be termite swarmers which emerge from the nest each spring to mate and form new colonies.

You may assume that termite swarmers cause the damage in your home or structure but that’s not the case. Termite swarmers are the reproductive caste of the termite colony. They fly to mate and their flight does not last very long before their fragile wings break off, leaving a pile of evidence on your door step or window sills.
The workers are the caste that causes damage and are busy at their subterranean work. Chances are you won’t spot them though the careful observer will find evidence of their work in mud tubes and visible damage.

Regardless of what role they play in the colony, it is fair to say that you would prefer not to have any termites in and around your home. These destructive pests are lured underground by the thermal shadow of your home and mistake it for a tree stump, wood pile, or wooden material laying on the ground.

If you see any evidence of termites – swarmers, mud tubes, damage – it’s time to seek professional help. You have options and it’s best to work the problem right away.