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Fight the Bite

Worried about mosquitoes this year? You’re not alone – experts say this season is going to be a high pressure summer for these pests. There are a couple of things you can do to fight the bite.

Wear repellent

Remember that mosquitoes are most active at dusk and dawn so you may want to avoid spending time outdoors during that time. But if you cannot resist hanging out on the porch to watch a gorgeous sunset, you can choose from a variety of repellents on the market. The CDC recommends that you use a product with an EPA-approved ingredient, such as DEET or Picaridin. There are also products on the market made with Lemon Eucalyptus. Remember to always read and follow the label. 

Wear long, loose-fitting clothing

You can also wear long, loose-fitting clothing to protect your skin from a bite. The combination of proper attire with a repellent is a good option when spending time outdoors. Still, it’s summer so most of us are going to be in shorts…

Schedule a treatment

Home Paramount’s tick and mosquito treatment will help to keep your yard a happy place to hang out this summer. Call us today to take some of the stress out of your summer outdoors.