Autumn Invasion

Stinkbugs originated in Southeast Asia where the climate is warm and tropical. Stinkbugs enjoy the outdoors in the summer but begin to look for shelter when the weather starts to cool. You may find them in large groups sunning on the south face of your home or perhaps you’ve started to see them indoors, where they are looking for a warm place to hibernate during the winter.

They enter homes in the usual way – through open doors or windows, cracks in the foundation or gaps in door frames. They can fly and climb, which allows them entry through the attic or the main levels. Once inside, stinkbugs burrow in insulation, walls and floors where they can harbor through the winter out of sight.

Stink bugs are aptly named – they emit a foul odor as a defense mechanism through abdominal holes. The scent is usually released in anticipation of danger as a means to keep predators away, but it’s also released when a stink bug is killed so you may want to avoid crushing them. Instead, use a vacuum and throw the bag away.

After you’ve solved the immediate problem, you may want to do a little fall home prep to keep both stink bugs and other critters out of your home.  The usual drill applies – seal up cracks, gaps and holes. Replace damaged screens and make sure windows are tightly sealed. Make sure your landscaping is well-pruned, keeping bushes, trees and other vegetation from contact with the building.

While stink bugs don’t bite or sting, they can become quite a nuisance in your home, especially when they arrive in large numbers. If you need help handling a stink bug infestation, give us a call. Our team is ready to handle these fall invaders.