Ants or Termites?

Often, we receive calls for Termite Swarmers only to discover it was an undercover ant. Carpenter ants, for example, are often spotted swarming. But since every species of ants sends breeding adults out to mate, you may encounter several different types of Ant Swarmers. 
For your own peace of mind, it may be helpful to learn the different between an ant swarmer and a termite swarmer. It is easy to mistake the two, but also easy to learn their essential differences. Here are some helpful clues:   

Antennae: Termite Swarmers have straight antennae. Ant Swarmers have elbow-like antennae with a bend in the middle.

Shape: Termites have two body segments, the head and the abdomen, which gives them a straighter appearance. Ants have three segments, which gives them an hourglass shape.

Wings: Termite wings are of equal length. Ants have longer front wings and shorter back wings. 

Of course, you can always call Home Paramount for a free inspection. We can compare notes to see if your identification is correct and offer helpful advice if you have a wood destroying pest in or around your home