2017 Sales Award Meeting

Our 2017 Sales Award Meeting is fast-approaching and we are once again looking forward to a fabulous day. There is so much to be proud of and grateful for in 2016 – new offices, new clients and new team members – to name a few.  But beyond the applause and awards, it’s just nice to spend some time together. Reconnecting with each other and taking a moment to appreciate the wonderful team and fantastic workplace that we’ve built together.

A lot of companies throw around the term “family” but it’s really quite important here. We remain family-owned and operated, which makes everything more personal and important. A lot of companies talk about being “local” but we really are established in every place that we service, with an office and a group of people deeply connected to that marketplace. Some companies even claim to be “American” despite being owned by an international conglomerate.  At Home Paramount, we are truly based in the United States of America.

Next week, when our branch manager and sales teams gather together, we’ll take some time to reflect on these sources of pride and recognize those among us who excelled in 2016. Congratulations in advance to our award winners. In addition to handing out the awards, our sales and branch management teams will invest valuable time planning for the coming year and developing the skills and training we need to serve our customers well. Always an inspiring day - a wonderful opportunity to celebrate 2016 and to prepare for 2017.