Our bird-control strategies are effective and humane, designed to solve your problem and eliminate the costs of clean-up.
  • Bird netting is a low-profile, long-lasting bird control solution. Netting is particularly useful in open areas or semi-enclosed spaces such as parking garages where perching, nesting and roosting occur. This is a good option for a zero tolerance space.
  • Bird Shock Track Systems are a low-profile deterrent, preserving the architectural integrity of your space. Shock tracks deliver a harmless, but startling, electric shock, to birds in order to prevent landing, nesting and roosting.
  • Bird spikes create a physical barrier against a bird infestation, preventing birds from landing, perching or roosting. Spikes are an effective, long-lasting solution that is applied on landing surfaces such as ledges, column edges, window sills, chimneys and rooftops. Spikes are a discreet, effective, humane bird deterrent solution.
  • Visual Scares are predator replicas, such as owls or coyotes, or balloons designed to deter birds. Visual Bird Scare products are budget-friendly and easy to install.
  • Sonic and Ultrasonic controls
  • Electronic bird repellents produce audio and visual threats that frighten or irritate birds, conditioning them to avoid the area. These devices are programmable to run on a specified schedule.
  • Laser beams act as a deterrent by frightening pest birds. Silent, colored beams are detected by birds and repel them from the protected zone.